Hello, Everyone!

Yet another new version of SirDaz.co.uk has arrived!

Due to lockdown and having more time on my hands I decided it was time to re-do SirDaz.co.uk once again.

This time however I've taken the opportunity to try and learn a new development technology; Blazor

So far, so good, Blazor has proven to be very straightforward to pick up and learn, especially coming from a C# background.

Controlling the DOM and processing data in C# is a God Send! Very little of this site even uses Javascript anymore, well not that I've written anyway! Maybe Blazor converts its code to Javascript, but either way I've found this to be very enjoyable.

I've temporarily removed my archery blog, due to the virus and my current work situation I have had to let my membership lapse :(

I may replace it with some Blazor tutorials, based on things i've achieved with this redevolpment.

I'll probably add a few more things now, as I've found this new way of developing to be very enjoyable and feel I can actually get a lot more done now rather than relying on Jquery or other types of Javascript libraries to allow me to control things.

Due to lockdown I've not been able to got to any newe events, but as soon as I can I will get new photos up in the relevant sections!

All the best, Daz!

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